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Voice Apps

While at Perficient, I’ve been developing Voice Apps for companies for Digital Personal Assistants (namely Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa). Here are some of the apps I’ve had the pleasure of building.

Actions on Google

Amazon Alexa

Application/Tool Development

While developing Voice Apps at Perficient, I also built a tool to make the building of the apps faster. This was built using Python and PyQt5. Later developments began using an ElectronJS framework and are currently being tested. Below are some images of the apps.

Kickstarter Campaigns

While at TarDisk, I was in charge of the development of Kickstarter campaigns for one of our newer brands, MagC. While the ultimate product, ran into issues, I was responsible for the video editing, graphic design, and visual design for our two campaigns.

MagC: Wireless MacBook Charging

Campaign Link

While the idea and the campaign were strong, we ran into issues with customer (and influencer) trust as we did not have a prototype that could be sent to influencers to gain the press coverage desired.

MagC: Boost, MacBook Battery Pack Case

Campaign Link

With this campaign, the goal was to minimize the amount of work and time put into pushing the campaign live, because of that the is is nearly identical to our previous campaign. Ultimately, we were unsuccessful, again, due to lack of trust leading to a lack of buzz/coverage/support.

Product Marketing – Oceanus Brass

Campaign Link

With Oceanus Brass, I served in a product marketing role. With the success of our kickstarter campaign, we found similar brass items to the bow shackle pens. I was responsible for generating the listings including product names as much of our team were not native english speakers. I would name the products something inline with our nautical theme and would write a small fictional prose to accompany it from the journal of a sailor about the ‘HMS Oceanus’ journal. For Example:

Deckhand’s Dice

“We had busy days and we had slow days aboard the Oceanus. On these blissful days, the crew would sing, wrestle, catch up on sleep or, our favorite, shoot craps. One of the boys had with him a hefty brass dice set and he would bring them out on these days. It was all in good fun and usually, we’d all come out even by journeys end. But that wasn’t always the case…..”

– from the Journal of Leonard Tietjen

Audio Production

In my free time, I enjoy producing music for a cappella groups and local artists.

A Cappella

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